Sample DNA
MRC-Holland offers various types of artificially made DNA samples. Reference Selection DNA is intended to help identify suitable reference samples. Binning DNA helps in the correct set up of bins for mutation-specific probes. Artificial Duplication DNA is intended for validation purposes.

Please note that these SDs are not suitable as controls for techniques other than MLPA or for probemixes other than specified.

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Reference Selection DNA
Intended to help identify suitable reference samples. Volume: 100 μl (20 reactions). Reference Selection DNA is sometimes supplied for free with the corresponding probemix, but not always (see table below). It can be ordered separately.

Probemix & VersionItem No.Supplied with Probemix?
P008-C PMS2SD072no
P021-A SMASD019no
P021-B SMASD082yes
P050-C1 CAHSD039yes
P060-B2 SMASD082yes
P110-B2 FCGR-1SD038yes
P111-B2 FCGR-2SD038yes

Binning DNA
Intended to aid in correct peak assignment for mutation-specific probes. Volume: 30 μl (6 reactions). Binning DNA is always supplied for free with the corresponding probemixes, but can be ordered separately.

Probemix & VersionItem No.
ME011-C1 MMRSD029
ME042-C1 CIMPSD029
P003-D1 MLH1/MSH2SD052
P038-B1 CLLSD009
P043-E1 APCSD022
P045-C1/D1 BRCA2/CHEK2SD067
P051-D1 ParkinsonSD029
P051-D2 ParkinsonSD067
P052-D1 ParkinsonSD029
P052-D2 ParkinsonSD067
P056-D1 TP53SD067
P059-B1/B2 DystoniaSD044
P088-C2 Oligodendroglioma 1p-19qSD054
P102-C1 HBBSD029
P102-D1 HBBSD067
P103-C1 DPYDSD073
P116-B2 SGCSD030
P125-B1 MitochondriaSD065
P140-C1 HBASD031
P175-A3/B1 Tumour GainSD029
P190-C1 CHEK2SD029
P190-D1 CHEK2SD078
P199-B2 HEXASD030
P247-A2 Chemokine 2SD071
P255-B1 ALDOBSD030
P256-B4 FLCNSD032
P280-B3 SLC26A4SD071
P281-A3 RYR1 mix 1SD015
P282-A3 RYR1 mix 2SD016
P285-C3 LRP5SD030
P305-B2 AGXTSD030
P315-B1/C1 EGFRSD006
P321-B3 VPS13B Mix 1SD081
P377-A2/A3 Hematologic MalignanciesSD068
P378-D1 MUTYHSD022
P414-B1 MDSSD029
P419-A2/B1 CDKN2A/2B-CDK4SD008
P420-B1 MPN mix 1SD069
P432-A1 MYH9SD035
P436-A1 ANO5SD033
P437-B1 Familial MDS-AMLSD070
P438-D2 HLASD058 and SD059
P460-A1 SMASD042
P473-A1 CTNSSD064
P480-A1 WHS & AchondroplasiaSD080
P520-A2 MPN mix 2SD057

Artificial Duplication DNA
Contains artificially-made duplications for one or more probes; intended for validation purposes. Volume: 100 μl (20 reactions). Artificial Duplication DNA is never supplied with the corresponding probemix, and can be ordered separately.

A list of positive samples from different sources that have been verified by MRC-Holland can be found in this knowledgebase article.

Probemix & VersionItem No.
P002-D1 BRCA1SD024
P045-B3/C1/D1 BRCA2/CHEK2SD024
P077-A3/B1 BRCA2SD024
P087-C1/D1 BRCA1SD024
P090-A4/B1 BRCA2SD024

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